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Welcome to our website and, if you haven't joined already, to our server!

Worlds of tekkit is a UK based, community driven server dedicated to giving our players a fun, lag free and friendly tekkit experience. Our players and staff are both amiable and helpful and will often give new players a leg-up out of the goodness of there hearts. Many servers we've experienced the owner is never on and rules from a far, not here, on this server both owners are actively tempering and refining, building and extending the experience we offer our players.

Find out what the server is like for yourself and join us now!

Here is a link to my current version of sphax's texture pack, which works with most of the tekkit items:

A big thanks to the original creators who you can find here:

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Im sorry for all the losses but... i want a refund
This server was the best so sad it went down :(
*work, any ideas on why that might be?
I might be that long lost forgotten guy that used to play on, and be friends with, this server, but only because I can't seem to get it to w
is the server fixed
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